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Introduction of Rokko Island CITY30 anniversary business support company, group

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About Rokko Island

Find the true nature of Rokko Island

Cause of marine city planning of Kobe-shi, "Rokko Island" functional and finished in natural rich environment.
This town where approximately 20,000 people live in is filled with much charm now.
Superior house environment that we did including River Mall park or City Hill, Marine Park.
Local event held much through one year produces prosperous interchange.
We breed superior house environment and education environment of standard that prosperous interchange maintains the peace and order, and is high.
Town which any people regardless of age or sex, anyone live on smile for. It is "Rokko Island".


We come to like knowing if we know.
We represent Rokko Island
"Six" charm.

What's Rokko Island?
Please advance to this point if you can have such an interest even a little. Reason of "town which continues being loved by inhabitants" is surely identified.

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Access Ranking

There are various tourist attractions in Rokko Island from little-known spot to popular spot.
We introduce spot where it was a lot of access in ranking form in access ranking from overall tourist attraction.
You find favorite spot, and please go to visit.

Event Information

In Rokko Island, various events are held depending on season.
As there is event that we can participate in from child to age every month, right or wrong, please participate with your friends.


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