About Rokko Island


We come to like knowing if we know.
We represent Rokko Island
"Six" charm.

River Mall

Artificial river of about 1km to drift to step of aorta "Rokko Liner" of traffic to run at the center of town.
It becomes water park of unparalleled scale in neighbor, and smiles of perfect score of children playing with water happily overflow here in many places in the summertime.
We are lighted up beautifully through one year and heal eyes and heart of people taking a walk at night.

City Hill

Green belt of one lap of about 5km to surround center of town. Though take a walk with beloved family slowly; excellent; do, and it is good to work hard at running for aim thyme update.
As you can show slightly different face by seasonal flower and scenery again in the four season, we may wear well.

Marine Park

When the south can pull City Hill which is full of green, scenery of the magnificent Pacific spreads.
Palm trees such as resort totally stand in a row, and the beautiful morning sun appears when it dawns.
It is in immediate place from center of commerce and is perfect spot to be able to enjoy flavor of the sea.

a wide variety of local events

In Rokko Island, various events are carried out through one year.
It is full of "so many people having come over from where" and people that there is surprisingly many at the time of event holding.
While children search for egg of treasure in connection with "Easter", as for the spring festival "welcome festival", adult enjoys taste of delicious stand.
International summer festival largest in area where people of various nationality enjoy Bon festival dance and fair as for summer "RIC summer evening carnival."
While people wear disguise, as for the autumn "Halloween festival" held from the beginning of town biraki, we enjoy non-daily life.
Many such pleasant events promotes interchange of people, and greetings take part in the making of environment that does not die out every day.

Safe neighborhood and good educational environment

"We want to bring up child in this town". "We want to spend the life after retirement here". Such a voice is asked by person moved in to Rokko Island well. The proof has the superior peace and order and education environment.
Traffic of elderly person and children is relieved that the sidewalk and road are completely separated in the road of downtown, too. As there are few telephone poles, in addition to many individual sculptures scattering everywhere, more beautiful scenery is formed.
From kindergarten, nursery school to university, technical school, educational institution with characteristic gathers each and continues maintaining education environment of high standard. Many children brought up in this town came of age and had new family. And, in "this town where oneself was brought up, we want to bring up own child". He/she came to think so.
Town birakikara 30 years. We change, and Rokko Island called "new subdivision" continues tying baton in generation to "hometown" of many people gradually.

Easily accessibly by road, rail and water transportation

 Including Rokko Liner which is compared with "aorta of Rokko Island", various means of transportation are substantial in route bus and expressway, Rokko Island including ferry.
Shimauchi house of any place is close to the station, and movement to metropolis including Sannomiya and Osaka has short time and various choices, too.

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