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Superior traffic convenience of Rokko Island.
Train, bus, privately-owned car, ferry...It supports etc. various transportation.

Main means of transportation

Public transportation

  • Rokko Liner

    Aorta of traffic to link JR Sumiyoshi Station from Rokko Island.
    A total of about 35,000 people use in a day.

Fare & time required
From Island Center Station

Island Kitaguchi Station Minami-Uozaki Station Uozaki Station Sumiyoshi Station
210 yen/100 yen 210 yen/100 yen 250 yen/120 yen 250 yen/120 yen
One minute Four minutes Six minutes Nine minutes

Fares: Adult/Child

Route Map/Timetable of Kobe New Transit "Rokko Liner"
  • Kobe Minato Kanko Bus

    We operate route bus and company pick-up bus, reserved bus including sightseeing bus running in each place out of the city around Rokko Island. We work on automatic driving by advanced technology and development of safe driving system.

Route No. 12…Rokko Island → Hanshin Mikage → Hankyu Mikage → Hankyu Okamoto → JR Ashiya

Fare & time required
From Asia One Center

The Hanshin Mikage Station west The Hankyu Mikage Station south The Hankyu Okamoto Station south side The JR Ashiya Station north side
210 yen/110 yen 220 yen/110 yen 290 yen/150 yen 380 yen/190 yen
From 17 minutes to 21 minutes From 23 minutes to 27 minutes From 29 minutes to 36 minutes From 39 minutes to 45 minutes

Fares: Adult/Child

※The time required to travel depends on traffic conditions.

※We list only bus stop of the main pivot. Please confirm the details in Kobe Minato Kanko Bus's HP.

Kobe Minato Kanko Bus route No. 12

Route No. 21…Rokko Island → Sannomiya → Shinkobe

Fare & time required
route No. 21 departs from Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers

Kobe-Sannomiya Shinkobe
370 yen/190 yen 440 yen/220 yen
20 minutes From 22 minutes to 33 minutes

Fares: Adult/Child

※The time required to travel depends on traffic conditions.

※The route departing from/arriving at Kobe-Sannomiya is jointly operated with Nihon Kotsu Saburo Bus.

Kobe Minato Kanko Bus route No. 21 Nihon Kotsu Saburo Bus

Toll road

  • Harbor Highway (harbor highway)

    Toll road which links Sannomiya, Port Island from Rokko Island.

Fare & time required
※The time required is average time from Rokko Island center

Takaha lamp (only as for the up) ma* lamp New port lamp (the Sannomiya south) Port Island (center)
Free of charge 110 yen 200 yen 200 yen
About eight minutes About ten minutes About 15 minutes About 20 minutes

※It just fluctuates with traffic condition of the day about indication in the time required.

  • Hanshin Expressway Route 5 Wangan Route

    Expressway toward the Osaka area from Rokko Island.
    We realize access for short time to main points of Osaka.

The time required (indication) to main points

JR Osaka Station Osaka Namba Shin-Osaka Station
About 40 minutes About 45 minutes About 45 minutes

※It just fluctuates with traffic condition of the day about indication in the time required.

The Hanshin Expressway drivers site

Other means of transportation

  • Ferry

    Three ferries linking Kyushu, the Shikoku area are navigated every day by Rokko Island.
    Both flights are available for sharyokoso.

Ferry Sunflower
At from Sunday to Thursday 19:00, arrival at next morning 6:20
We wear on Saturday at 7:20 on at 19:50, the next morning Friday
0120-56-3268 ([weekdays] 9:00-20:00 [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays] 9:00-17:00)
Ferry Sunflower
Hankyu Ferry
At from Monday to Thursday 18:30, arrival at next morning 7:00
At from Friday to Sunday 20:00, arrival at next morning 8:30
078-857-1211 ([from Monday to Thursday] 9:00-18:40 [gold ... day] 9:00-20:00)
Hankyu Ferry
  • Bus

    From Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers, non-stop bus services to Kansai International Airport and Universal Studios Japan T M are available.

Kansai International Airport Limousine Bus
Kansai Airport Terminal 1 (Time required: approx. 57 min.)
Kansai Airport Terminal 2 (Time required: approx. 68 min.)
1,800 yen (900 yen) ※round-trip tickets and commuter passes are available
078-857-7031 (reservation required)
Non-stop Bus Service to Universal Studios Japan T M

※Bus services operate only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, and during busy seasons.

Universal Studios Japan TM
900 yen (450 yen)
078-857-7031 (reservation required)

Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel & Towers is an associate hotel of Universal Studios Japan T M
TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved.

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