We issued RIC WINDS vol .199!

We issued RIC WINDS << vol .199 >> on August 15!

・Rick Manjiro column
"In all ages…It is festival in the summer!"

 ・Cool air of summer to read, and to be chilly

 ・Feelings of this summer curious yukata

 ・We tried! season2
Does color change? It is making of snow cone in maro-buru


[RIC WINDS setting place]
Each Islandcenter Station, Island-Kitaguchi Station, Uozaki Station, Sumiyoshi Station, Portliner Sannomiya Station, Kobe fashion plaza, Kobe bay Sheraton Hotel & towers, KOBE FASHION MART, other Rokko Island facility, Kobe-shi synthesis information center

RIC WINDS editorial department

TEL: 078-857-0677

MAIL:info@ric-winds .com

 ・More intellect is Rokko Island
Toraku Kobe pudding

・We taste with head
Hassun is bloom of banquet dishes. As well as beauty, it is crystal of the close skill.


It becomes in this. Please see by all means☆

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