Islandcenter Station ☆Halloween ☆In specifications!

At the end of September, Rokko INAH "Islandcenter Station" became Halloween specifications☆☆

It is being slow and daily work in what decorated in our staff every year.

Do not surely take 1 day this year either…. And it is emergency nikowa to climb stepladder casually

We are! !

We throbbed, but this is always taken care of by Shimauchi event what this year

Having older brothers of display person becoming this cooperate

We were able to do it. (we did it!)

Climb dry tsu and stepladder like monkey (I'm sorry), and is mosquito quickly

Attach bocha and ivy….

What stouthearted! !! 

It was finished in only several hours.


When sometimes go along in front of station, children, "wow! Cute ...!"

I who am << it in heart whenever we see saying this am decoration tten

In this. We have thought with >> (right ※ older brothers).



Saturday, October 27, 28 Sunday is Halloween Festival!

We look forward to many visits.


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