Week to do try!

We entered in November, and there became a few more for 2,018 years.


In us four junior high students of "have of try week!"

He/she comes to help with work.

Face which opens "good morning" and door of company, and looks in this place

[there is not on strain + uneasiness + friend side…There is not + place to stay…]

Expression that all children have the same in this every year.

fufufu…Will it be only me to laugh with w?

As "we had of try, and, as for me who was brought up in Osaka, there was not system called week,"

Without remembering feeling at the time….

We have you help with work while imagining feeling of eighth grader.

At first it begins from place to have you read RIC WINDS producing in us and is thinking today that we shall have you finally experience coverage!

By the way, does their strain come loose a little late this week?







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