RIC WINDS January, 2019 issue ☆Under production☆

There is a few more this year. It is too early, and is palm not precocious?

It is true lump to Tokyo Olympics 2020! Thought of this, but, at this rate

We seem to be able to go promptly. (it is immediate to get old……….)

Well, to hasten more than usual to sandwich taking a rest for New Year holidays in us

We are just producing "RIC WINDS vol.204" becoming the first in 2019.

We are going to tell more about information of Rokko Island in vol.204,

As for the subeditor, day of coverage continues.

As bakery of Rokko Island inhabitants expectation, "sea cat eaves" did OPEN the other day

We heard from coverage there!

For more details, as we tell in "RIC WINDS vol.204" of issuance on January 15

Please see by all means♪

Day when heat and cold difference is strong continues, but please take care of yourself everybody☆

RIC WINDS, please next year.



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