We would like this year.

It was over, the last year in the Heisei period.

Corner to "look back on 30 years of Heisei" in the TV show was established the other day.

At first, we watched somehow, but we feel nostalgic for having looked back and miss.

We put with view away considerably eagerly if we noticed.

At first, picture having paper which Prime Minister Obuchi wrote as [Heisei] thinks whether most of have seen, but remembers what we watched from kotatsu in real time somehow. (as we were young even if we say, it is Heisei ? ? What is the sky. We seemed to say this.)

What was able to excite me most above all "pager!" We used habitually, and "good night" in katakana if we still shoot with 15813372, and 88 remembers that "♡" comes out.

We are innocent to receiver one hand and we remember that we defeated number and are like that…When those days were happy, we have become numb.

In addition, mobile phone which lasted for the first time is certain…We feel like having been D series of docomo. (probably)

Screen is monochromatic small, too, and the name and number appear if there are any the receipt in those days. So that we come to be able to set original ringtone that technique progresses soon and makes by oneself and come to be connected on the Internet, and we download, and ringing song sets…(we set theme song of movie home aron).

iPhone had carrying that was high technology too much now, but feeling has disappeared to use carrying eagerly like those days.

If it thinks, probably it is the time that we spent the darkest time in my life [Heisei]. We felt loneliness that Heisei ended this some other time.

Turn not to know what the name of an era still becomes, but to spend time when my children are dark in the new times. Is spirited; think that should come to be good.

So that 2019 becomes wonderful age for all of you.

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