We are careful with crow!

Do you know that activity of crow is active recently?

In fact, it is this me that have had sausage stolen by crow on the other day; ...

On the other day, to finish shopping, and to meet son to nursery school. To front basket of bicycle of daughter of "tomorrow

Sausage which was materials of lunch "entered.

When we finish outfit of son and look at MY bicycle from the gate of garden, what a big crow extorts! !! !

OH! MY! GOD! !! !  No, it is like that like that like that like that!

Children and moms going to the same nursery school around of bicycle "are crow and ...! If come; ...! Chaos state that to cries ..., get out of my face.

We sell "without crow being shaken by such a cry entirely…It flew away for feeling such as "quickly.

"At last ... which flew!"  


In point of whether calmed down omoi breath and black bill product with some recognition…

Oh! That! Sausage of daughter! !! !! !! !


Crow took sausage together with bag and has flown to the first top of building…

It was slow motion of around five minutes when we made bodily sensation,

Probably treasure might have been event of dozens of seconds if we saw.

 On seeing me who was returning to home, and meet friend accidentally while being depressed with son in emergency event, and am too depressed "that did at all. As we put up sausage, there is another one which is materials burn of the tomorrow's lunch"

In this, we had blessing.

Crow seems to be ovipositional time in the early spring and, according to the place to hear, seems to make various preparations.

We mentioned gentleness of friend thanks to crow, but, after all, crow is slightly witty (laugh)

We recommend that we leave the place after all of you prevented bag from opening after shopping.


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