Rokko Island welcome Festival 2019 was carried out☆

[Rokko Island welcome Festival 2019] was carried out the other day in Rokko Island.

We were concerned as administration of event every year, but they had many customers arrive this year and might spend happily! We are particularly relieved.

 The day of the event is tomokoredemoka for two days! !Beautiful weather as we say this. When say by original words; hard fine weather. Hard atsu. HOT DAY. Ultraviolet ray strong no day…etc…

Anyway, it was hot. Gloomy weather is astonishment for rise in temperature for breath in there having been many until front of it day. And heat, too, but ultraviolet ray of April is only weapon for me who am not young anymore…

The disposal that terrible jikei* keni notices when we neglect that we paint with sunscreen partly because early in the morning was chilly to the first day and returned to home.

We reflected in various meanings. Boo hoo hoo…

 Well, it is story of important event, but there is new plan this year and thinks that you were able to enjoy.

Local children coming that impressive one grasps small change in person and buys ticket many times. We reach someone familiar child and get wonderful premium! As for the baby which we did. Come to hear rule of program that wants to participate among them; and as for "yameta!" and the child to resign as… (we tell reason that we stopped!)

It was used to festival of all hometown, and it remained in memory very much to become a part of the life.

That is because thing which it is common that oneself does speaking of festival in Shinto shrine and open space for the child era, and is special. As festival could not be held grandly in town like Rokko Island, children brought up in Rokko Island feel that they are really endowed.

When they became adult sometime, you hold wonderful event, and let me enjoy us by all means! !We thought while looking at back of children who ran this.

In May, event "INTERNATIONAL KIDS' DAY" to be able to enjoy across border is held. In addition, we are looking forward to being able to meet "them" who come to grasp small change, and to buy ticket with brilliant eyes.


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