We went to food court♡

We went to food court of a certain gourmet city the other day in Rokko Island!

We seemed to renew and were interested at every shopping…

Co-worker is delicious! In inviting other co-workers as we push large seal in this.

Shop breaks with 3 stores now, ramen shop, Japanese set meal shop, takoyaki shop.

Ramen of ramen shop is traditional Chinese noodles rather than ramen.

Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba are Kobe Nara in takoyaki people again; Sobameshi (!) We handle this, and take-out is possible, too!

And set of rice that it is udon & of Japanese set meal shop that ate this time or bakes.

Well…Is it delicious?   




Yes, it is delicious!


It is easy to eat in so-called "Osaka udon" not Sanuki-udon very much.

It was homey taste ♪ ♪ We were going to try on other menus this time when we went♪

Food court which became new is recommended by all means! !


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