Carnival was held in evening in the 32nd RIC summer!

Speaking of festival of summer end of Rokko Island…"RIC summer evening carnival!"

It was full of many people, but rain in buckets continued this year on the day before last on the day before of public performance, and holding was anxious about every year.

It was weather that we did dimly (clear in the morning), but holding is decided somehow whether wish of all arrived.

STAFF gathers…We finish preparations from the day before, and izao Festival begins! At time called this…

How! !

"potsu"…"potsu"…This "water"…  Water…No, it is rainy! !

After all, ... which fell! (/ω \) 

 ……Unfortunately, as a result of discussion with administration with residents' association, "child mikoshi" which many children would be looking forward to has been called off because it was quite intense rain.

 Pretty mikoshis which children handcrafted form a line at entrance of fashion mart before the evening in usual, but there are not gara-n and entrance that they did and seems to be lonely somehow. Still as time became late, we had many people arrive and seemed to have been able to enjoy, and STAFF felt temporarily relieved, too.

Well, summer event is over, season in autumn… Our company pushes forward preparations for various events, and busy day continues★

We back away and will close not to fall sick!


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