The Halloween-colored sky

On one day when morning and evening came to gradually cool off, the sky was colored by beautiful color.

You pick up son behind bicycle, and run desperately only on seeing before without noticing wonderful scenery

The brain is just nothing of full room about dinner.


Incidentally son "mom, sky is sharp I hate ..." to told.

Son sitting in room illustrates all the visible things by rear seat, "mom! See that! Look at this!"

In this, we force looking the other way. As we have such a days, as for "sky" which son says, is color redder? We thought of this,

As was the too beautiful sky, stop bicycle; "the sky of Halloween" to photograph with a click.

As it has heard with result "of air pollution that" setting sun is too red, it is place to be worried about whether this color is normal empty color,

He/she gave time to stop in me just a little for desperate patch.



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