At last…

The beginning of January…What ominous news was broadcasted, but felt for wind called "someone else's problem" somehow

It may not be only me….

Then COVID19 = new model coronavirus which, before anyone knew what was going on, anyone became able to be infected with now.

When say with a word; "hommayamete." 

Companies taking measures of teleworking increase, and event that people gather for in TV meeting all cancels meeting. . . .

Aftermath at last also in children. Primary, middle and high schools of the whole country all at once for situation such as closure of a school request.

"We say that it is lie" when we say with a word and     ※It is personal impression.

Of course might rear nisokomadeyariru have been not necessary? We think that nadono criticism is measures by agreement.

But, however, as for the confusion between the world, it might be in the future different when great people gave a good response more and yet more if we said originally when infection was talk in foreign countries still more…We think how.


However, as "tarareba" is not at all now even if we say,

Child must think about method that health can spend for a long time in house…We seemed to say this.

In addition, as oneself may be infected when, we give immunity and act to spend in stress-free.


We want you to converge early…. We sincerely pray.

We pray for recovery of person who it is infected, and suffers.









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