EIGO ...! !!

There was opportunity to mention English for coverage the other day.

As it is unknown why it is, but likes English after small one

(we do not like even reason that results have good with (/ω \) and French not to be able to speak…Why?) 

We cannot permit dubbing of movie secretly and BGM of shop has better English than Japanese, too and can spend English than Japanese pleasantly when we put radio.

Can coverage finish being carried, too? As you were optimistic how, but must build up thing which you did indeed well

We have cooperation toward the interpreter, and iza coverage starts!……Result and needle interpreter were required. (let's miss!)

As it is house ino, he/she makes an effort in Japan to read even if this gets a wrong grammar and pronunciation to some extent

We had you have a considerably plain way of talking… Yes, it was essential.

And…Of course, it is covered with Japanese and English, and brain carries out a full activity! !! !! ABAHSJOSUJSKDIEDHIDJFPDUEYRHHDJ…

…We were not able to readily fall asleep at night of the day.

If heard later, writer considerably had a tingling ache at head on that day, and did not seem to be able to fall asleep; sho (we who are weak)

However, we are not in trouble and want to talk! Let's study… Think of this; nowadays.

Well, we should know what coverage you mentioned English by in slightly former [Rokko Island area information magazine RIC WINDS]. . . .

Expectation to ask for the space which we built up in headache of member of editorial department!





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