"kanedian akademii and student exchange meeting of Rokko Island Elementary School were held" than issuance on RIC WINDS February 15

Student exchange meeting of kanedian akademii & Rokko Island Elementary School was held


 Rokko Island was town where international atmosphere that a lot of people in various countries lived for was rich in, but when interchange between children deepened more, kanedian akademii and exchange meeting between students of Rokko Island elementary school were held on January 31, and third grader of Rokko Island elementary school visited kanedian akademii.


 At both schools, we seemed to be always thinking if there are any some opportunities when we can interchange, and, as for the Principal Shigeta of Rokko Island elementary school, "kanedian akademii is different from general Japanese elementary schools in atmosphere, too. We say, we have child be keenly aware of culture unlike Japan through interchange. "We prepared for three programs this time so that wall did not have words. That student of both schools should come to be able to do it with volunteer together in the future; as for to be; Mr. sumeiruzu of kanedian akademii.


 Children of both schools exchange greetings in downtown triggered by this exchange meeting, and opportunities to see figure playing amicably together should increase.

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