Every day…?

New coronavirus which gradually spread from the beginning of the year.

Entirely still spend New Year holidays without a sense of crisis when you look down on image of own cell-phone

It turns out karaoke, eating out, that lived with going out very commonly, is nokotonanoninaa only several months ago. We feel some this to be lonely.

As for one and people who flow out, and indoor, take off, and talk in big voice whom fatigue began to appear in too long self-restraint if we looked out and handed, and furthermore, and with a few people taking off troublesome mask by height in temperature as well as the outside. . . .

As for people who considerably gather (honey guy), and are playing…

We know sunge feeling and we want to see person who wants to meet and want to talk.

But, after all, we are interested and glance though we do not want to actually mind.


As my children are so-called "underlying disease" rice cakes, I am in considerable nervous temperament for infection,

Person (reverse!who takes off mask for some reason only when we cough even if we wear a mask !)

Any!including seal of line at cash register Person (with social distance) of cho - approach spree

Person (dirty commonly) who licks shopping bag, and opens

We bring ourselves to be great! !!

But it is oneself that I hate most.  This was tiring ..., too.  Boo hoo hoo…

It is early, and "casual daily life" wants you to come back. Surely is it not that anyone of the world is thinking?


Coronavirus is scary and is terrible and is existence to want you certainly to disappear,

It was only one and told how important "daily life" was.


It is early and sincerely hopes that daily life returns.

In addition, we appreciate that we confront disease at the risk of life to us who support life.

We cooperate together, and let's continue with an effort self-restraint life as we no longer spread.

(mask, attsu! !)


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