We issue!

RIC WINDS where 32 years pass after it was issued in March, 1988.

We continued issuing over Great Hanshin Earthquake that took place in 1995 until now…

Under the influence of "new coronavirus" (COVID-19) of 2020, we cannot go for coverage either,

Without leaving the house for company… In issuing SKIP issue which there is not of number of issuance by one piece of paper at last.

As such a thing was unprecedented, even one piece of paper makes setting yoni "candy Komi" tick,

We took strategy to attract eyes of people. (even if eyes attract, contents are sorry thinly)


However, the cause of cooperation of various people, June issue are ... in reopening issuance! !!

The world situation did not return, but is place for the time being.

Pages decreased than before, but editorial department did its best.

RIC WINDS6 month issue is issued on June 15! !

Theme "social distance." Don't miss it★★★

(as for the image SKIP)


As even Twitter account updates information, please respond by all means!







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