RIC WINDS June issue was issued!

Under the influence of witty corona, [RIC WINDS] which stopped issuance was issued!

Somehow…We said this.

Image of this cover "social distance"

All the people wear a mask if we see well!   And hand in hand………We are not precocious! !!

It is the earth behind. (by crisis on the earth scale…Scared)

And heart in meaning that heart is one even if distance is far♡

In fact, we are producing all with message characteristics and theme on cover not only issue now.

It is said to be nantonakuwakaru case and does not cut rope! !! !There is case called this each,

It was very, very hard to think every year every month….


Do you make one far apart from the situation of the world really this time? Do you include some messages?

As a result of having thought, we occupied such a form.


Well, we are going to issue next issue July issue, and production advances.

... which is something next time




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