jime - tto is hot every day….

My small task of every day "how do rouse lips?"

At first, as problems (other than the corona infection)

①Problem to get makeup (woman for the time being)

②The issue of ultraviolet ray

③Depend on friction; is problem drying

④The issue of heat  ※The most relevant

⑤It is the issue of Inui kuyan eyes very much

⑥We feel sick with mouth, problem


①At first, this "only in eye as for the makeup in wearing a mask, "taking this occasion, group" and "all groups learning and following" are divided into no makeup group", but I am "all groups learning and following". Therefore make for lower half of face is had on mask when we wear a mask. Therefore mask is annoying.

②①The groundwork of ultraviolet ray prevention effect should get that we got make in this at the same time, too, but is annoying with (we get sokontokodoshiyo stain increase) every day without repainting, and going (various things are great).

③When we wear a mask and talk, mask works. Then…We rub…We begin to be dry by friction and dry. We develop into skin roughness when we leave alone and are annoying.

④Anyway, what which is hot is absentminded? Ylla.

⑤As we wear contact lenses, eyes dry for breath from gap of mask very much. Eyes are kapikapi. We have a headache when we leave alone. Ylla.

⑥Only I do not become known, but we feel sick with mouth very much, and Exit 1 becomes full of smell inchaukatoiu persecution complex in the world. Gahn. .

Besides, there is not drill if we put up, but is annoying very much. (we think that he/she knows)

Therefore periodical "mask awakening" becomes required, but comes back to the world hot again when we wear a mask about ④ as it is hot even if we rouse.

Therefore we were looking for cold mask in order, anyway, to confront the issue of ④.

(we want to let cold mask make child! nomoaru)

Therefore it was in Rokko Island island. Cold mask. We were able to obtain without being given of reference number early in the morning.

We cool with refrigerator before further going out and are going to exceed properly for the time being as it is cold.

Acquaintance with mask which is annoying, everybody, continues.

Let's do our best!






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