Thank you for your favorite reading for 32 years.

On July 15, we finish the last issuance, and one and a half months are going to pass early.

Shipment of present is over toward lottery and the elected candidate of reader present corner of July issue, too,

It becomes all the end with this blog as duties.

We were supported by really many reader, people concerned and were able to continue issuing 32 years.

We appreciate that we borrow this place.

With the end of issuance, RIC WINDS blog in this "Rokko Island .com" should be finished as of today, too.


Until day that this great world converges as soon as possible and sincerely prays for day when all of you are sincerely funny coming, and to be able to see again.

For 32 years, thank you very much.


August 31, 2020 RIC WINDS editorial department all members






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