Great athletic meet of all RIC sports expo 2018

  • Saturday, November 10, 2018
  • Rokko Island lawn open space
    From Rokko Liner "Marine Park" station is a 3-minute walk to the north

Great athletic meet of competition full loading original in RIC sports expo of this year!
Child sweats, too, and adult will enjoy with all one's might, too☆

<event summary>
Sports expo of this year greatly changes from conventional contents (pro-experience event)!
It is held in athletic meet form to participate in four one team!
From classic competition to original competition, we carry out the seventh kind that is full of variety (see below)!
We offer lunch (lunch) to participant!
We present wonderful prize to winning a prize team!
Other than athletic meet competition, anyone carries out subprograms such as "basic physical fitness test" or "child bicycle time trial" which can participate!
It is family, and, in friends, please participate in work friends casually!

<application method>
Apply in four one team.
You have you download the following "RIC sports expo 2018 participation application" (PDF), and, after filling out necessary matter, please send by email or FAX to application (the event secretariat).
After the arrival of participation application, we reply from the event secretariat within three days.
※As you may not send in system error within three days when there is not reply, I am sorry to trouble you, but apply again on this occasion.
※As a general rule, in the team, four people, please.
※In the case of participation hope, we may make other teams and mixture with 1 to 3 persons.
※When there is child (less than primary schoolchild) in team, please include one adult (more than junior high student) for one child.
 Example) OK → Age of team member is ① 40 years old, ② 35 years old, ③ 11 years old, ④ 9 years old
   NG → Age of team member is ① 40 years old, ② 11 years old, ③ 9 years old, ④ 7 years old

<flow) of play method (conduct>
We assume team of four people who had you apply "individual team".
We organize "individual team" more in "alliance team" of large chestnut which comes, and cries at the secretariat, and each item competes by "alliance team unit".
※As you accept request to "want team of acquaintance and the same alliance team to do", please fill so out application.
 The application total number of example) "individual treatment team" in the case of 40 teams (1-40)
  Team of 1-10 → Red group
  Team of 11-20 → Group of innocence
  Team of 21-30 → Blue group
  Team of 31-40 → Group of guilt
 As described above, we organize four alliance teams and progress while competing for seven items with four sets.
Depending on order of each item, we give point to alliance team.
 In the case of example) hurdle race
  One group → 10 points
  Two groups → 5 points
  Three groups → 3 points
  Four groups → 1 point
 Group (alliance team) which won most points at the time of all item end becomes championship.
In various places of alliance team which won the championship, we offer prize.
Parallel to marking of alliance team, we record results of individual team, and even individual team unit commends separately.

Timetable (plan) on <day>
From 9:00 to 9:40 participant meeting, reception desk
From 9:40 to 10:00 opening ceremony, preparations exercises
From 10:00 to 12:00 competition conduct (part of the morning)
The from 12:00 to 13:00 lunch break
※We offer lunch in one having you participate in competition.
 We cannot offer toward the companion. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
From 13:00 to 14:20 competition conduct (part of the afternoon)
From 14:20 to 14:40 record count
From 14:40 to 15:00 commendation ceremony, closing ceremony
※After closing ceremony, we carry out interchange party that served as launching only in applicants in the venue (lawn open space) (paid separately).
 Interchange party plans from 15:00 to 16:00 (participation is not required).

<conduct competition (plan)>
①Hurdle race
 Classic competition of athletic meet! We aim at the first place through various obstacles.
②Throwing-ball game
 This is classic, too! It is victory of team which installed more balls before time limit.
③Sports quoits
 This event original! It is quoits competition that made mark human being (teammate) in ring in hula-hoop.
④Frisbee shot
 This event original! We throw Frisbee into rugby goal.
⑤Balance relay
 Sense of balance is important! Relay competition to run without dropping corrugated cardboard which is added whenever the runner is replaced.
⑥Three-cornered dodge ball
 This event original! Dodge ball to face in two teams is usually carried out by play at the same time three teams.
⑦PK confrontation
 Excitement of the World Cup once again! We perform penalty shoot-out of soccer.
※We ask favor mentioned above in the seventh kind to have you participate in at least three items (even as for the participation, all possible).
※In the case of majority, participation hope may not participate in either competition.
※The secretariat will inform beforehand which competition each team participates in.
※Each competition may be changed in future about plan.

<participation rate>
Entrance fee of athletic meet: 500 yen /1 name (tax-included)
※We include lunch (lunch) charges in rate.
※Adult, child are common to rate.
Entrance fee of interchange party: 1,000 yen /1 name (tax-included)
※We offer light meal and drink.
※It is served unlimitedly and is not served without limit.
※Adult, child are common to rate.

<the application deadline>
Wednesday, October 10

Event secretariat news dust
TEL: 078-857-0677
FAX: 078-857-8475
MAIL:mousikomi@newsdust .com
※Please list in title with "RIC sports expo participation application" on email.

  • Held summary

    The date

    Saturday, November 10, 2018

    Holding place Rokko Island lawn open space
    From Rokko Liner "Marine Park" station is a 3-minute walk to the north
    Venue address


    3, Kouyochonaka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

    Holding time From 10:00 to 15:00
    Rate 500 yen /1 name (tax-included)
    ※It includes lunch (lunch)
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  • Inquiry

    Name Event secretariat news dust
    Phone number 078-857-0677
    Sponsorship Rokko Island area promotion society sports promotion sectional meeting
    (fitness community RICL, Dunlop tennis school Rokko Island, "g" skatepark, Japanese sports dream club, INAC Kobe reonessa, serezon 6-ai futsal club, Rokko Island Boy Scouts baseball club, airborne Sports Club, Hyogo rugby school, go*kai)

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