Second "fair to wrap Kobe with knob Suma seaweed most, and to eat"

  • Sunday, January 27, 2019
  • Kobe bay Sheraton Hotel & towers Main Building 3F "Rokko"

Among Suma seaweed produced off Kobe, it is "first knob" of the highest quality Suma seaweed.

Fisherman cooking the Suma seaweed or farmhouse, fish shop, hotel making rice and vegetables in Kobe gather and can thoroughly enjoy meal of Kanbe under the theme of rolling by hand sushi.

In addition, we can enjoy shabu-shabu of precious sprout seaweed which does not appear in market or dessert of popular patissier of Kobe!


Under application acceptance! So that, for first-come-first-served basis, application hastens!

  • Held summary

    The date

    Sunday, January 27, 2019

    Holding place Kobe bay Sheraton Hotel & towers Main Building 3F "Rokko"
    Venue address


    2-13, Kouyochonaka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi

    Holding time It is 00 00~20 18
    Rate Adult (4,000 yen) / primary schoolchild (3,000 yen) / preschool child (free)
    Remarks ●Menu●
    (1) It is rolling by hand sushi with ingredients of Kobe in Maine
    (2) Miso soup of sake lees X Kobe pork of rough sea
    (3) Shabu-shabu corner of seaweed
    (4) Dessert of popular patissier of Kobe
    (5) Handling of fish which Uoya tells
    (6) Workshop of deko rolled sushi
    (7) Direct sale corner
    (8) Direct marketing product contest game
    (9) U.S. farmhouse onigiri
    ●Application method: You fill in matter necessary for notice flyer, and please apply by "FAX".
    ●Application: Kobe-shi fishermen's cooperative association Administration Department General Administration Division 
    FAX: 078-708-1617
    ●250 first arrival

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  • Inquiry

    Name Kobe-shi fishermen's cooperative association
    Phone number 078-706-0456
    Sponsorship [meeting executive committee wrapping Kobe with knob Suma seaweed most]
    ・Kobe bay Sheraton Hotel & towers 
    ・sumaura fisheries limited liability partnership
    ・Kobe meat young man society           
    ・Man who tries TEAM Kobe fish shop hard
    ・Kobe liquor feeling building         
    ・Put Koike farm; house

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