Tatami mat de beer garden is held

In Rokko Island event open space, tatami mat de beer garden is held.

It is Friday, July 31, two days of Saturday, August 1, 17:00 start.

Please spend city and a time of fusion of the sum with draft beer to taste in beer garden early summer of the sum that gourmet stand in Hyogo so popular that there are always lines spread tatami mat 30 tatami all over the concentration venue.

<stand menu>

Mita beef yakiniku burger, Tajima beef croquette, Bokkake Yakisoba, kujo-negi stock tako

Original meat dishes, roast beef, PIZZA, charcoal making steak hormone dishes

Deep-fried barbecued chicken, kebab, exquisite salt etc

※Rain out

Spread sponsorship/Banshu; unit

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