Celebration! Rokko Island CITY30 anniversary!

Rokko Island CITY where life of inhabitants originated on March 15, 1988.
"Ceremony of the 30th anniversary of Rokko Island CITY street biraki" was held in the fifth floor of Kobe Fashion Museum ORBIS hall from there on March 15, 2018 equal to just 30 years.

In ceremony, we had regional society and company inside and outside the island, people more than members of the Diet total number 300 gather and had kyugenkizoshinkoshicho go on the platform.

In ceremony, it is powerful performance of Rokko Island High School brass band club and introduction of 30 years when Rokko Island moved forward, broadcast of PR video, message to the future with local primary and secondary student, performance of violinist Rino Yoshimoto that Shimauchi is from, dream ☆Program like Rokko Island full of local feelings including cheerleading that there was in the Stars was shown.


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