Held! Great athletic meet of all RIC sports expos

Rokko Island area promotion "great athletic meet of all RIC sports expos" hosted by meeting is finally held on Saturday, November 10 of the end of this week.

"RIC sports expo" started in 2012 as "general sporting event that can experience various sports casually" with sports team and facility of Rokko Island, but it is conduct in "athletic meet form" that greatly changed idea this year.


For recruitment of four one team, we have participation of 60 teams in spite of the first plan and hold grandly!

It is only team where gave prior application to to be able to participate in competition, but subprograms of "tennis experience corners" are held "child bicycle time trial" and "basics physical fitness test" that even anyone can enjoy in event site, too. As viewing of athletic meet is welcome, on the day carry foot to venue by all means!



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