(exhibition of Kobe-shi making document) about tsunami measures document in Rokko Island

In Rokko Island area promotion society, disaster prevention by point of view and technique usually various as main object is active in our meeting corporate member, groups based on lesson of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.


In last November, we invited all Kobe-shi and Section Manager Takemoto of total station Coast disaster prevention department in Kobe fashion the fourth floor seminar and "comprised in the fact of tsunami fire and risk of preparation - tsunami fire how or, under the theme of ...," carried out disaster prevention seminar.


We gave heavy damage to Kobe Port and Rokko Island, and it was said with approximately two months later of typhoon 21 that was taken up by the news widely, or on the day various places of Shimauchi company, group participated a lot.


As "we comprise Kobe-shi making document distributed at the seminar day with the fact of tsunami fire" and were able to have no public consent, we release in our site.


If "we possess for tsunami in Rokko Island, and pickup banner of URL of the lower this page or our site bottom can click" (PDF), you can download the document concerned.


As problem not to be able to separate even if disaster cuts in life of Nankai Trough earthquake and us including high tide caused by typhoon, heavy rain that brought tsunami accompanied with those major earthquakes, again big fruit damage who are told to take place sometime soon, you must always face.


In Rokko Island area promotion society, to improve local disaster prevention awareness in future, and to fix the system which can take measures against which is quick at the time of disaster of emergency; as continue being active, thanks in advance for your help by your participation, support.


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