The 103rd track-and-field championship boy, women's 20 km walk/31st U20 selection racewalking meet holding in Japan

The 103rd Japan track and field championship boy, women's 20 km walk

kenhigashikyo 2020 Olympics representative from Japan selection competition

The 31st U20 selection racewalking meet

But, it is held in Rokko Island.



・Meeting Sunday, February 16

・After each commendation ceremony item (after the results announcement)


■Item, start time/competition end time

(1) Men's 20 kilometer walk (championship in Japan) 8:50/10:22

(2) Female 20 km walk (championship in Japan) 10:35/12:24

(3) U20 boy 10km racewalking 12:35/13:25

(4) U20 girl 5km racewalking 13:35/14:01



Rokko Island Konan University west 20km course (land official recognition course in Japan) 

※Participation application is finished

Sponsorship: Japan Association of Athletic Federations
Control: Association of Hyogo track and field
Support: Association of Kobe-shi Kobe-shi sports Kobe Shimbun
The support: ASICS Japan, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Japan Airlines Co., Ltd., snail sports, AOYAMA TRADING Co., Ltd., Denka Co., Ltd., MARUDAI FOOD Co., Ltd., HISAMITSU PHARMACEUTICAL Co., Inc., create, EARTH CHEMICAL Co., Ltd., TANAKA Holdings 


The details are this → Japan Association of Athletic Federations official site

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