Privacy policy

Rokko Island area promotion society (we assume "our meeting" as follows) recognizes importance of personal information enough and thinks about dealing with personal information appropriately with important duty for our meeting. Our meeting advocates the following policies and carries out this thoroughly and will try for protection of personal information.

The observance of laws and ordinances

Our meeting observes hit, laws and ordinances about protection of personal information if they deal with personal information.

Collection of personal information

Our meeting performs questionnaire, E-mail delivery service, material distribution, inquiry reception desk by email to offer good service by customer.
We may have you offer personal information of customer as far as it is necessary on this occasion. When you have customer provide personal information, you tell about the use purpose beforehand, and please provide in the range.

About management, protection of personal information

We consider enough that our meeting uses personal information of customer within the use purpose that we told about when we have you provide and does not spoil right of customer. We use personal information that had you provide from customer for the following purposes mainly.

  • Information for event
  • Delivery of e-mail magazine
  • Response to inquiry from customer

When personal information is offered, customer may send information from our meeting by E-mail, other methods. If customer can hear from when these information distribution is not hoped for, we stop delivery of information.

Offer to third party of personal information

Our meeting discloses to third party, and they may not provide personal information of customer when there is your agreement or unless disclosure was demanded based on laws and ordinances fairly.
In addition, we plan prevention of leak, re-offer from the supplier by methods of imposition by non-disclosure agreement when we disclose to outside supplier of trust. In addition, we provide only statistics information when we provide statistical information to others not to be able to distinguish customer individual.

Disclosure of personal information and correction

When there is proposal of disclosure, correction, deletion of own personal information from customer, our meeting deletes disclosure, correction as far as they are rational. But it is not remarkably this limit for duties accomplishment of our fair when we might spoil profit of life, body, property and others of other customers when we judge that we affect or when it violates other laws and ordinances.


About the handling of personal information of customer, we review content of each item mentioned above appropriately and will be improved. Therefore, please note that this policy may be changed without notice.

Inquiry about privacy policy

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