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Parent and child that Zumbini (zumbini) was developed for the childminder with children from 0 years old to 4 years old are programs from the United States where both heart and body become fun together. By English music and movement, it promotes deep connection between physical contact of parent and child and parent and child. Through song, dance, musical instrument play, contact play, we develop sensitivity and flexibility for social nature, cognitive ability, atmosphere, athletic capability and English in a gross.

◎As for the original music made in particular for Zumbini, mind is happy and excited as soon as child heard by the lyrics and melody that mom is easy to get close to. And we will hum song in English all too soon.

◎Song, toy, musical instrument play, dance and various classes where are nonstop for 45 minutes. Mom is fun so that child forgets time!

◎Pretty illustration is anywhere with plentiful original book anytime, but smartphone application to be able to enjoy music and video, stuffed toy of mascot are included as the teaching materials. In this way, you can enjoy song of Zumbini at home!

Lecturer is familiar Yoshimi by powerful dance that is "Rhymoe" of carnival in RIC summer. Of first for Japanese through child care and dance instructor in the United States, kindergarten teacher's experience it was Zumbini formal authorized instructor. Do you not spend happy time together?

We accept experience at any time. Please feel free to contact.



3, Kouyochonaka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo health promotion facility RIC Amelio

Facility name Health promotion facility RIC Amelio
TEL 090-8129-5385
Business hours Second fourth Monday 10:30-11:15 (45 minutes)
Rate 1,000 yen (one set of parent and child) 
(brothers 1 year or older charge 500 yen per person.)

※This is amount of money of the first experience charges. In the case of the enrollment, the following rate is necessary separately.

Tuition 18,000 yen (it includes all six times, teaching materials costs)
・Brothers tuition 9,000 yen (only as for the stuffed toy) 1 year or older
Enrollment fee 3,000 yen (person first Zumbini attendance)
In Zumbini, 1 session is session system of all six times.
We are opening a course in session in autumn now. We have change to tuition in timing of the enrollment.
For more details, please refer to
Access From Rokko Liner Island Center Station is a 3-minute walk in the south
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